Jam Sofa: Finally a couch you can effectively hide things in

by 6 years ago

We’ve all had that moment: the one where your parents come over, and you realize you’ve left something out in the living room that you’d really rather they not see. Or maybe the place is just kind of a pit in general: hey, you’ve been busy. So, you stuff it in the couch and hope your life doesn’t turn into a sitcom.

jam sofaFortunately, the Jam Sofa is designed to let you stuff all sorts of things in it, whether you want to hide them or just need them handy.

The idea is actually really simple: there’s space between the single cushion that makes up the couch and the actual hard bench, giving you enough room to stick multiple books, magazines, DVDs, what have you, under the cushion and easily pull them out for future use later.

Of course, they recommend you don’t stick anything breakable in it, so you should probably hide the beer bottles in the recycling bin or under the sink. But most media will be fine for you to sit on. And hey, this has the bonus of making it easier to find that magazine you were reading.

Jam Sofa [Jess Fugler Design]

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