Because ‘Tentacle Porn’ Wasn’t Weird Enough, Now Japan Is Using Samurai Swords To Give Haircuts

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In a never-ending battle to maintain the title ‘Weirdest Country In The World’ Japan’s barbers have apparently stepped up their game, and started cutting hair using Samurai swords.

Apparently ‘tentacle porn’ alone wasn’t weird enough to maintain the title through 2014, Japan’s ‘League Of Extraordinary Barbers’ have taken matters into their own hands. Here we see one of the league’s members slicing off some chick’s hair with his quasi traditional Samurai sword. Why? Like I said, their entire culture thrives on being the weirdest damn country in the world. Without that title they’d simple burst at the seams and it would be all out anarchy. Tentacle porn and samurai swords are the threads that bind them together, without the quirks there is no Japan.

Gotta admit he’s pretty damn handy with a sword though:

Wow. So skill. Such sword.

And totally efficient too!


Really bro, this is your big move?




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