Japanese Toyota commercial uses androgynous model to mess with you

by 7 years ago

This new mildly NSFW Toyota ad is currently making its way around Japan, pushing aside the typical expectation of a hot girl in a car ad to screw with your head. Spoiler alert: Save your lewd comments until the end.

Featured in the ad is model Stav Strashko who, according to The Gloss, usually looks like this:

Stav Shrashko

It’s an interesting commercial. And I’m certainly not mad at it for trying to mess with expectations or be eye-catching and whatever. But how is sexually confusing the viewer of a commercial going to lead to anyone in the world buying a Toyota? What’s the message here? Buy a car and spend your life reenacting The Crying Game? Is there a big market for that? I want my commercials to answer all of life’s questions, not leave me with even more and an exceedingly confusing erection. Is that too much to ask?