Watching These Two Japanese Women Deep Fry Shrimp In Under 3-Seconds Is Basically Like Dropping LSD

by 6 years ago

Why is this culinary video of two Japanese women flash-frying shrimp so similar to taking LSD? Well, everything happens with an incredible intensity, it’s over before you know it, and you’re left wondering ‘what the hell just happened?’

I’m not previously familiar with the DoCoMo cooking channel on YouTube, but this video posted 4 days ago has already managed to amass over 5.5 MILLION views. In this 60-second whirlwind we see two women frying up shrimp using cannons and other things. I guarantee you won’t watch another 60-second video quite like this before next year.

And after the video scroll down for the GIFs, as I feel lit’s important to break something as WTF as this down in to separate animated GIFs:

via DoCoMo

And now for that beautiful shrimp footage once more in GIFs:


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