Jewish baby bibs are either empowering or the most racist thing ever

If I know the Internet, no one will be offended by these Jewish baby bibs available on Amazon. No one at all.

1. Future Lawyer

future lawyer baby bib


I understand that Jewish people would be loathe to be seen as money grubbing but, hey, if my baby’s bib is going to give him an upper hand on potential success, let’s make it happen.

2. Future Doctor

future doctor


Here’s one I don’t get: Why does the doctor get a bunch of change while the lawyer is counting stacks of bills? Makes no sense to me. If I’m a Jewish doctor right now — even a Jewish dentist — I’m boycotting Amazon out of principle.

3. Grandma’s Matzoh Ball

grandmas matzoh ball


I’m not sure that I’d want to be compared to unleavened bread as a baby but it seems to come from a loving place. If I’m a Latino dude and my grandmother calls me “her little plantain,” I’m not getting offended. Team Matzoh here.

4. Shofar blower

shofar blower


Who’s Shofar? (jokes)

Buy your own vaguely racist Jewish bibs before Amazon pulls them here.

(via Business Insider)