Jim Schwartz gave players boxing gloves and baseball bats for big hits

by 7 years ago


With the NFL still recovering Bountygate, news is beginning to trickle out about other reward-type systems coaches use. Jim Schwartz admitted he gave players boxing gloves and baseball bats when he was the Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator. He has since stopped the practice and made sure to point out it was merely a motivational tool for big hits and not for injuring players. “To put people out of the game, that’s never been our experience. And like I said, I think more people focus more on the exception rather than the rule in the NFL.”

Doubtful anything comes out of this, especially since Schwartz was open and honest about what he did. A far cry from the Saints covering their tracks and lying. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Schwartz got a call from Roger Goodell. Yesterday, 126 former players filed a federal suit against the league citing “repetitive traumatic brain injuries and concussions for decades.” So the last thing they need is more stories about guys getting rewards, regardless of value, for hitting guys.

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