Job accident leads to Florida man’s penis being sliced off

Gentlemen, cross your legs. The tragic tale of Edgardo Toucet as told through a lawsuit filed in a Florida court is going to make your skin crawl.

ouch my groin

Ouch my groin image by Shutterstock

Toucet, a Puerto Rican emigrant who speaks no English, worked with temp staffing agency Spartan Staffing when he was sent to a job at a foam cutting factory.

The lawsuit claims that Toucet was put to work immediately in January 2010 with no formal orientation or training that would qualify him to work some of the machinery involved in foam cutting.

While working as a helper on a peeling machine, Toucet came into contact with the mechanized spinning blade, slicing his penis (ow) and testicles (oww) completely off (owwwwwwwww).

Not surprisingly, Toucet is also suffering from some emotional duress from the situation; the complaint specifically calls out Toucet’s “embarrassment” from the incident.

Toucet also names Spartan Staffing employee Barbara Pridgen by name in the lawsuit due to her role in ensuring compliance with safety training for Spartan’s leased employees. He also claims that his unfortunate incident was not the first one to befall a Spartan temp at the foam cutting factory.

The amount of damages being sought for gross negligence in the lawsuit was not disclosed. Whatever the price may be, it’s probably not high enough.