‘I just fugged my boss’ is not something you should say on live TV

by 6 years ago

Joe Morrisey

Going on TV and reading a text about “fucking your boss” is not a good idea. I mean, I’m often wrong about a lot of things but this I’m sure about it.

Some background before watching. Joe Morrisey is a Virginia State delegate who has been charged with sex with a minor, among other things. The girl in question was a 17-year-old receptionist in his law office. They “allegedly” carried on a relationship, though he says it was strictly professional. There were nude photos passed around and some raunchy texts, the latter of which Morrisey addressed in the video.

I can’t blame the station for carrying this live. I mean, if you can’t trust a politician to not drop f-bombs on TV while talking about humping a minor, who can you trust?