The JoeyBra is going to ruin your hookup

by 7 years ago

You know what, lingerie designers? It’s really bad enough that you design bra clasps to be difficult to remove with one hand, or two, or five. That was pure evil. We didn’t think you could make the bra any more frustrating.

JoeyBra And yet, somehow, you’ve pulled it off. Meet the JoeyBra; now, not only do you have to worry about getting the bra off and not being awkward, you have to worry about not spilling her wallet, phone, change, and god knows what else all over your bed, because this thing is supposed to replace her purse.

Admittedly, the idea behind this buzzkill is not really the JoeyBra people’s fault. It’s because fashion designers seem to believe that women hate and fear pockets, and don’t want them anywhere near their body. Seriously: ask any woman you know about this. Set aside about fifteen minutes: it’s a touchy subject. It’s why every woman you know has a “purse” that could double as a bodybag.

The idea behind this bra, therefore, is that women can go out clubbing, but not have to bring a massive purse. Which to us raises a fairly important question, which is…you expect women to just go rummaging in their shirt when they get a phone call? And where does this crap go if she decides to go home with a guy? About the only thing we see this being useful for is giving a real challenge to pickpockets.

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