John Cena makes a surprise visit to a young fan

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There are athletes that talk about giving back to the community and helping kids—and then there’s John Cena. The wrestler and face of the WWE went out of his way yet again to make a young fan’s day earlier this week.

John Cena


9-year-old Gary Patterson of Trilby, Florida suffers from cerebral palsy which left him unable to walk. On Tuesday he received two surprise gifts. One in the form of a custom wheelchair to replace his old one and the second, a visit from his favorite athlete John Cena.

The whole thing was set up by Gary’s teacher, Jillian Kornick who contacted the wrestler through a friend.

“Moments like these are special,” he said. “I try and do as much charity work as I can, and unfortunately I can’t be everywhere, but this came about through a good friend of mine and I knew it would be a fantastic day. Like you said, when you see the look on Gary’s face, it makes it all worthwhile.”

Last month Cena received a special award from the Make-A-Wish foundation after granting 300 wishes to kids. The first person to do so. You hear a lot of crappy stories about athletes these days and unfortunately those crappy stories are plastered all over the news. They make for good readership I guess and frankly, that’s sad. Really sad.

John Cena does stuff like this all the time and yet, we hear only a fraction of it because we’re too busy reading the latest, “who said what about Tebow” rumor. I’m just as responsible for this as anybody else so, really, shame on me.

Here are a collection of Cena good guy stories from around the web:

-And while some heroes do a simple meet-and-greet, Cena turns the Wish into an experience. He usually invites the child to Monday Night Raw, where he takes the entire family backstage, gives them all signed memorabilia and introduces them to other WWE stars. That’s what he did for Jonny Littman on Monday in New York. But then Cena followed up with a surprise visit the next day on Good Morning America.

-I met John Cena one time at a smoothie shop one time. He offered to pay for my smoothie just for recognizing him and talked to me and my friend for a few minutes. Super nice guy

-John is from my hometown. I graduated with his little brother. I’ve known his family for a while as they’re pretty active within our very small town. I can confirm that he is a class act all the way. Somewhat relevant story: A while back he was building a huge new house for himself in town. I’m talking a mansion on a hill overlooking the river, nice f’ing house. So construction is completed and he asks his mom to go take a look at his new house with him. They walked in the front door and he just said to her, “Welcome home, this is your new house.” He really is an all around solid dude who deserves recognition for all the great work he does. I’m not a wrestling fan, but it’s hard not to be a John Cena fan.

-During a taping of Raw one night, a while back, John Cena got an urgent text message. One of the children that he has talked to or seen multiple times, at the Make-A-Wish foundation who is a huge fan of Cena had gotten sick, and gone through a serious relapse, and it didn’t look good for him. Cena quickly went backstage and let everyone know that he had to leave RIGHT NOW, even though he needed to be back for a match in the main event later that night, and that if there was any reason he wasn’t back on time, to cover for him. Cena quickly booked it over to the hospital to go give his fan a personal appearance, while Raw was still going on. John Cena stayed with the sickly boy, and made him feel better, before booking it back to Raw to finish the main event.

-Wrestling star John Cena spent Sunday morning inside a Kansas City 7-Eleven on a shopping spree with a couple of Make-a-Wish kids. The muscle-bound grappler granted wishes for Omari Stennett , whose family flew in from New York, and Caleb Comenares, who lives in Grain Valley, as he closes in on his 200th wish granted.

“The kids who ask for you, they really want to see you,” said Cena, who is also promoting a personally designed coffee cup with proceeds going to Make-a-Wish. “They want to be involved with the product, and I love what I do. … It makes the experience wonderful for the kids and me.”

(Stories via here, here and here.)


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