Jompy uses physics to boil water in 45 seconds

by 7 years ago

If you’re an outdoorsy type, you know that one of the biggest pains in the ass of cooking outdoors is starting a fire and getting the water boiling for, say, your dehydrated meals to actually rehydrate and become something resembling edible. It’s also time consuming: boil the water, cook some other food, before you know it you’ve lost the whole day.

jompyFortunately, Jompy is here to save you.

OK, it’s a stupid name, but bear with us, because it’s an awesome camping tool.

The Jompy (ugh, we hate that name) is pretty brilliant: it’s an aluminum tube twisted into a coiled disk. One end goes to the pot via some tubing, the other end goes into your water jug. Pour your water through the disk over a fire, and it can get the water boiling hot in as little as 45 seconds.

How? Physics. Aluminum absorbs a lot of heat, and the twisted coil has abundant surface area to absorb that heat. So more water is exposed to more heat over a shorter period of time. Even better, you can put a pot on top of the thing while boiling your water and cook with it: it works just like a normal cooking tool in that respect.

In short, it’s cleverly designed and solves a serious problem in a simple way with an incredibly stupid name. It comes in three sizes and starts at $80.

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