Just a taste of the magical world of racist video games

by 7 years ago

Take Hong Kong 97 for example, which has you assuming the role of Bruce Lee’s cousin, Jackie Chan (they’re not actually related, by the way), who has killed 1.2 billion Chinese people.

The above was highlighted by Kotaku, and is an excellent example of the bizarre, underground world of indie, racist game development.

Most are similar to what you see; you play a lone character trying to rid the world of a vile threat, usually some kind of ethnicity. Though Hong Kong 97 is somewhat rare, due to being a SNES game. Most that I’m familiar with are for the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

Distribution is also rather noteworthy; I’m not sure how they were passed around in other parts in the world. I’m assuming flea markets and other such, off the beaten path venues. But the KKK used to rent NES games back in the day and replace the internal board with one of their home-brew creations.

Though most were hardly sophisticated; just Super Mario Bros with swastikas plastered all over. Anyhow, thanks to the internet, it’s far easier to pass around such amusing nonsense today (and roms of the aforementioned NES titles are easily found as well). As for mainstream games, one can spot find plenty of examples of xenophobia all over the place.

Just do a casual search on Google and you’ll find all sorts of lists. And every single one will include Custer’s Revenge, originally released for the Atari 2600. In which the goal is to avoid arrows to reach the Native American woman at the other side of the screen. Whom you rape of course…

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