‘Justified’ – Review of ‘Over the Mountain’

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We’re closing out the first third of a new season of Justified and hopefully that means some action is about to go down. What happened in “Over the Mountain”? Here’s our review.

LOSER: The Crowder family reunion

raylan ava


Boyd confronts cousin Johnny about the hooker’s claims that Johnny had something to do with Boyd’s Canadian drug shipment getting jacked. Johnny denies it all and then blows off Boyd’s request to work together under the presumption that Johnny still has the drugs. But Johnny tells Boyd that he was only there to check on Ava, no more, no less.

Meanwhile Ava’s got her own problems in the form of a Napoleonic corrections officer, Officer Ficus, who says some not-so-charming things to Ava before demanding she strip down and bend over. Fortunately, a female CO comes in to break it up, though it seems like Ficus will one day extract his revenge.

The female CO turns out then violently beats down Ficus, telling him to not mess with Ava again because she’s protected. Well that’s good. Girl power!

LOSER: Dewey Crowe’s adventures in murder

When we left last week’s Justified it looked like Messer was going to meet his demise at the hands of someone for skimming money from the whorehouse once cousin Daryl Crowe found out. And it turns out that Dewey is the one who has to do the killing himself.

Unfortunately, it turns out to not be as easy as it looks when Messer fights back after Dewey shot at him but the little incompetent Crowe somehow got the upper hand…up until Messer gets away. Murder, not as easy as Justified usually makes it look.

Dewey ends up praying to God for help finding and killing Messer. And just as his prayer wraps up, he finds some blood on rocks that might help lead the way to Messer’s whereabouts. And find him, he does…unfortunately, right as he’s about to put the final bullet into Messer, some good Samaritans find them and — thinking Dewey is sick and hurt — take Dewey away, presumably leaving Messer to die. Maybe. But probably not.

WINNER: Sassy kids working bar at whorehouses

kendall crowe justified


Raylan and Tim check in on the whorehouse only to meet a new Crowe, Kendall, a smart and sassy little boy who has no time for the Marshals’ BS. If only he were a couple years older, maybe he and Loretta could really hit it off.

When they find Messer’s gone, they go to his house only to find another Crowe, Danny, currently living there with his dangerous dog…and no pants. Danny Crowe claims that he’s Messer’s new roommate but Tim and Raylan aren’t buying it.

Danny reports back to Daryl, hoping to get approval to kill Raylan. But Daryl, Kendall, and the Haitian dude all agree that trying to kill a Marshal is probably not the best idea. But they want to make sure Dewey took care of Messer and, if not, Dewey may meet his end, too.

LOSER: Little tidbits

Art continues digging into the Nicky Augustine murder and whether or not Raylan had something to do with it. And his old friend in the Detroit PD has some info and asks Art to hustle down to Detroit to discuss.


WINNER: Info from Boyd Crowder

Raylan and Boyd meet up for the first time in a while when Raylan comes looking for Messer’s phone number. They then track the phone number to search for Messer, using it to find his GPS coordinates. Turns out that Messer found his way to a bed and breakfast where he did in fact die.

Daryl and Dewey arrive at the bed and breakfast at the same time and assume that the problem’s solved itself based on a whole bunch of police outside. Messer’s dead but now they’re searching for who did it with the assumption that the Crowes had something to do it.

Dewey doesn’t take the situation too well, ending up shitfaced and held captive by Daryl until he sobers up. Dewey wants nothing to do with the other, more evil Crowes. But Daryl says if he joins with the family — and he’s one of them now since he’s killed a man — then he can reap the spoils.

WINNER: Art’s trip to Detroit

Art’s quest to figure out what happened with Nicky Augustine’s murder leads him to meet up with Will Sasso’s Canadian drug dealer, whom the Detroit PD got a hold of. He trades some info for his freedom, telling Art that a guy named Picker — the guy who killed Sammy Tonin — will know what went down and, conveniently enough, he’s back in Harlan with Wynn Duffy. So Art’s mystery hunt continues.

Meanwhile, blissfully unaware Raylan has just learned that Messer was an informant so the Marshals are very curious as to who took him out with the assumption being that “crime lord” Boyd Crowder might be behind it. Raylan tells Daryl that he and the Florida Crowes have got to get out of here. Raylan knows that they had something to do with Messer’s murder and won’t let it go. And, to show the Crowes who’s boss, he comes with an order to relinquish little Kendall into state custody. But Daryl won’t give him up so easily, threatening that it’ll come down to violence. Kendall, being ever the mature young man, opts to go on his own accord.

Raylan finds refuge in the vagina of Amy Smart. And we learn again that Amy Smart is all fucked up thanks to her social worker job. She’s also going to get Raylan in trouble sooner or later, guaranteed.

WINNER: Boyd’s tail on Johnny

Johnny may swear innocence but when Boyd puts a tail on him, it leads to finding out that 1) Johnny is working with “Hot Rod” Dunham and 2) All the bodies from the night Boyd almost got jacked and the night the shipment got stolen (something Mara requested last week, if you’ll recall). Either way, more trouble a-brewin’ for the Crowder kin.

I was much less in love with last week’s Justified than I’m sure most reviewers were — just felt like a mess, and a boring mess at that, to me — but this week’s was right back on track. I like the Daryl character a lot; he feels like a threat more than other big bads have been because he’s not only got a willingness to resort to violence, as he shows with Kendall being taken, but also because he seems to actually think. And there’s a menace to how much he thinks that makes him an interesting adversary now that the Crowes are staying in Harlan.

The ballad of Dewey Crowe stays as an interesting storyline to watch. While the character was played solely for laughs in previous seasons, it seems like he’s in line for either a tragic ending or a dramatic moment of rising up against his manipulative family by season’s end.

The episode gets 4 and a half out of five kids brought into Child Protective Services from me. Great episode that makes me want more, rather than, like last week, wanting to see more in the hopes it’ll get better.

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