Hot model arrested after faking abduction and attack

Kayla Earl just wanted to be loved. But sometimes love leaves you on the side of a road with a Walmart bag on your head.

kayla earl model mugshot

Guyism composite

Police say that Kayla made up an incident of abduction when police found her on the side of the road in Pleasant Grove, Ala.

Kayla allegedly plotted to lure back an ex-boyfriend with her tale of horror that found her with attacked in a nearby cemetery. She claimed she’d been accosted by an unknown assailant but then was able to fight him off before she collapsed on a nearby roadway.

Officers poked holes in the woman’s story using cell phone records and nearby security cameras.

During a second interview with detectives, Kayla admitted to the hoax. She claimed that she put a Walmart bag over her head to aid the realism of the ploy. It’s a known fact that criminals love Walmart.

Kayla has been charged with false reporting to law enforcement. She’s currently being held on a $500 bond.

It’s such a shame when beautiful people do such unbeautiful things. You can reflect on Kayla Earl’s better days on her ModelMayhem page. There are a couple below to remind us all of happier times.

*Memoriesssssss. Like the corners of my miiiiiiind*

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