Kessler Fusion: Get professional special effects shots for, OK, a lot of money

by 7 years ago

Back in the ’70s and ’80s, most of the model work and special effects that you loved as a kid were made with a crucial element called “motion control.” Essentially, you could hook up a camera to a robot, program that robot to perform the same shot, the exact same way, every single time, and then focus on the special effects.

Kessler Fusion motion control system Indie filmmakers have been dreaming about using motion control cameras for years, but we’re talking rigs that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Until now. There’s a new rig coming out that only costs thousands of dollars!

It’s part of that whole DSLR cinema revolution you’ve probably heard so much about, namely that you can buy a $2000 camera and have the same cinematic depth of field and overall look you’d have from a professional camera.

It’s not entirely true, but the cost of filmmaking is dropping, and dropping fast. Kessler, who make professional “camera support” equipment (think tripods and stuff like that), isn’t being left behind on it. Their motion control system is completely modular, meaning you fit the various bits and pieces together however you may want, and it’ll only run you about…$6000 for a basic kit.

Hey, at least it’s cheaper.

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