Koala water bottle ditches the bike cage for magnets

If you ride a bike, you’ve probably got a water bottle holder bolted to the frame. And you also probably have five or six spare water bottles at home, because you know you’re going to wipe out and lose them, or be distracted by that whole “not being killed” thing and put it in the cage just wrong enough for it to fall out without you noticing.

The Koala water bottle decides to just stop screwing around and use what nerds use to solve all their problems: magnets.

The Koala bottle comes in two parts. First, there’s a cradle you bolt to your bike, which is fairly standard stuff. Build into the cradle are magnets, and around the bottle is a metallic ring.

Here’s the obligatory video:

Place, click, done. The magnets pull the bottle to them, and make it easy to just grab the bottle while cycling. No stuffing it into a cage, no losing a bottle, nothing.

Even better, you don’t have to buy a special bottle. You can just buy the rings, and stick them to bottles of your choice. All in all, it’s a great method for getting a drink on two wheels without getting killed.

Koala Bottle [Official Site]