Kyrie Irving wins rookie of the year

by 7 years ago

Kyrie Irving won the NBA Rookie of the Year award today taking 117 out of a possible 120 first place votes. With Ricky Rubio getting injured during the season, Irving was a virtual lock for the top spot. But looking at the breakdown of the rest of the votes, it’s clear some people have no idea what they’re doing. That, or they’re not watching the games.

ESPN screenshot

Yes, Josh Selby got a third place vote. Are we allowing people to drunk vote now? Is that like drunk dialing? I mean, should we start giving voters breathalyzers before casting their ballot. It’s terribly embarrassing and frankly, had Irving not won, there’d be quite an outrage on the stupidity of some of these folks.

But alas, Irving was the right choice and we can all move on—until next year when it inevitably happens again.

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