Lakers loss as captured in one hilarious GIF

by 6 years ago

The Nuggets forced a game 7 last night by embarrassing the Lakers 113-96. Here’s the exact moment the Lakers knew they were f-cked.

Kobe was fighting a stomach bug all day but managed to pour in 31 points on 13-23 shooting. His teammates let him down however with a poor performance. Yes, we’re talking about you Pau Gasol and your 1-10 shooting and 3 rebound performance.

What originally looked to be an easy series can now go either way. Should the Lakers lose after being up 2-0 and 3-1, well, I don’t want to sound drastic or anything but Kobe will probably murder someone. A throat slash in the middle of the night O.J. style. If I’m one of his teammates, I’d beef up my security.

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