Larklife: A bracelet that tracks every aspect of your health

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I love smartphones but at the same time, I am a little troubled by the fact that nobody seems to realize that apps that collect personal information about you are under no obligation to protect that information. If you use a health app, and if it was free, it’s selling your data. Period.

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So, with that Big Brotherish thought in mind, let’s look at an app that requires you to wear a sensor bracelet and collects everything about your habits, shall we?

The Larklife bracelet works in concert with the app. While the bracelet detects how active you are, you punch in your meals on your iPhone. As it’s based on the sleep-tracking Lark bracelet, which also functions as an alarm, it’ll track your sleeping habits too.

In other words, pretty much everything about how active you are, what you put into your body, and how you sleep can now be collected by one company who is under pretty much zero legal obligation to respect your privacy! This is a great idea! Nothing whatsoever can possibly go wrong!

To be fair, Lark does have a privacy policy posted on its website, but that’s not legally binding: It’s just the company’s current policy. If you need an exercise tracker, and don’t want to be spammed with diet ads, try a notebook.

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