Latest Humble Bundle is the best damn gaming deal you’ll find

by 7 years ago

I’m a fan of indie games, but much like indie movies, I know they can look confusing/stupid/pretentious to outsiders. There’s merit to those fears sometimes, but for the most part, they’re awesome. And here’s a chance to sample the best of the best for dirt cheap.

The Humble Bundle is known for presenting a kick ass assortment of indie games for one super low price. Actually, they go with a “pay what you want model”, but forking over the average does have advantages, like super sweet extras.

But their latest batch is easily the best ever. It includes Psychonauts, Limbo, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, plus Bastion if you put down the aforementioned average, which as of this writing is $6.81.

First off, every single title was the best of the year in their class, plus each one cost about $10-20 a pop. So again, you’re saving a TON. Plus, the Humble Bundle folk are always tossing additionals into the pot along the way, so expect the number of games to grow, even if you buy in now.

All games work on either PC or Mac, and even Linux. Did I also mention the money also goes to charity? If you’ve always been interested in indie games, this is your best (and cheapest) option by. Click here to proceed forward.

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