Lawrence Taylor only lasted a few minutes in sexual encounter with prostitute

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Details of Lawrence Taylor’s sexual encounter with an underage prostitute were revealed in court and shockingly, it paints the Hall of Famer in a poor light. Among some of the raunchy nuggets of info:

-LT only lasted a few minutes
-he twirled a used condom over his head like a lasso

In more candid testimony, Taylor went on to say that he never knew the girl was 16 and the people who arranged the meet did not inform him. Furthermore, he added he has never used force on a woman despite allegations to the contrary.

The lawsuit was brought in a New York court from Cristina Fierro, who claims Taylor sexually assaulted her in 2010. Taylor pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges in January of 2011 but is now dealing with the civil case.

Lawrence Taylor: I only lasted ‘a couple minutes’ in sex romp [NY Post]

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