Leaked footage of ‘Halo 4’ is fascinating, impossible to watch

by 7 years ago

So the big news over the holiday weekend is how footage of Halo 4‘s multiplayer mode was leaked. Which is a headline all by itself, but how it’s being presented is what has everyone scratching their heads.

As you can see above, instead of just presenting the footage in a straight forward manner, someone thought it would be funny to record the gameplay on an old Star Trek: Deep Space Nine VHS tape.

Not only that, but also overlay the audio with a wretched Notorious B.I.G. cover. The end result is 11 plus minutes of something that only the most diehard Halo fans would put themselves through. And many have.

The verdict? Apparently this is legit and not some goofy fraud that I had naturally assumed when I first came across it Sunday morning. Colored me surprised! So chalk up the bizarro presentation as either an attempt at being cute or cover one’s tracks. Maybe both.

Naturally, there are a ton of theories surrounding the footage, and a LOT of people genuinely believe it’s part of some viral marketing campaign or alternative reality gaming campaign to help push the game, just like I Love Bees for Halo 2.

I highly doubt it, but if true… then the above is kinda brilliant.

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