Learn the ways of the arcade stick, the gentleman’s way

by 8 years ago

As we all know (or or so we’re told), the key to being a real man’s man isn’t brute machismo but being cultured and displaying proper etiquette. Even as it pertains to arcade sticks, a real man’s tool when it comes to fighting games.

The latest from Fighterpedia is a different from their previous offerings. And truth be told, it’s not as funny either, plus a bit too long. Yet it also offers a fairly interesting (I think at least) inside look at the world of fight fanatics, as it pertains to their tools of the trade.

By the way, it is true: playing Street Fighter or the like on anything but is simply no good at all, ESPECIALLY on a 360, whose pad is pretty much worthless for such things. Oh, and I have no idea if the “desk method” is a real thing or not. I honestly believe that it actually is.

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