Look back to when Nintendo was a bane to a parent’s existence

by 7 years ago

With the Wii U almost upon us, let’s take a trip back in time to see how the Super Nintendo was received by the media back in the day.

It’s been mentioned before, but I’ll say it again: the Wii U is almost here, in just two days. Are you excited? Did you even know? Some could say that it’s the sign of the times, how Nintendo is no longer the king of the video game hill. That and how video games are just a part of our everyday existence, so it’s no big deal anymore.

Granted, most of the attention from back in the day was due to freaked out moms dragging their kids to group therapy sessions. And there’s little doubt that their new system will make the news later this weekend, but will it be anything like the following, as a colleague on Twitter recently posted?

Again, I’m pretty sure this weekend’s 11 o’clock new stories will be filled with stressed out parents, but for entirely different reasons. Mostly due to the fact that they themselves grew up with Nintendo and have a slightly better understanding of how video games are.

So instead, it’s going to be them bitching about having to go Craiglist to pay seven times the retail price.

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