52-year old woman steals beer; is she a hero?

by 5 years ago


Thirsty? Why wait? That must have been what Lidia Zuradzka was thinking when she broke into a woman’s house just to steal a beer.

That’s right, to steal a beer. Not a case. Not a palate. One beer. A 52-year old woman broke into someone’s house to steal one beer. It was probably a Busch Light, too.

Technically Lidia Zuradzka didn’t break in but rather entered through an unlocked door. That’s not so bad, right? At that point she wandered into the living room and grabbed the beer that was sitting on the table.



When the homeowner, who was upstairs at the time, came down and asked what the hell this crazy lady was doing in her house, the response she got was straight out of Men in Black. She simply responded,

“I want beer.”

Not surprisingly, the homeowner screamed like anyone of us would if someone was stealing our beer, and that’s when Zuradzka took off.

While all signs point to Lidia Zuradzka being guilty as charged for the alleged crime, something doesn’t add up. Why would the homeowner leave a beer on the table downstairs? You don’t just walk away from a perfectly good beer. I’m tempted to say Zuradzka was doing what any beer loving American would do, tending to a wounded soldier.

via DailyHarold, tip of the Budweiser hat to @CarolineWood68

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