Liquid vitamins are the newest way to prevent a hangover

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Everyone wants to find a way to cure a hangover, but a new water additive called Vitamin Squeeze may be the key to avoiding one in the first place.

OK, so it’s not exactly new. It looks like the product hit shelves at the beginning of this year, but I’ve only now discovered it’s greatness. The brand will likely preach about vitamins being essential and how we don’t adequately replenish them throughout the day, but that’s not what drew me in. Anytime preventing a hangover comes up, the B-complex vitamins are the first thing mentioned. They are a key factor in the process, to the point where I’d give myself a B-12 shot in the eye if someone promised me I’d wake up feeling like I never had a drink. But where am I going to pick up a full boat of B at 3am? It’s certainly not in my late night “El Gordo” burrito, and Gatorade doesn’t get the job done. Plus the likelihood that I can keep a fridge stocked with Gatorade is about the same as me drinking a glass of water between every beer. That is where Vitamin Squeeze will come in for me from now on.

They look healthy, via Facebook.

They look healthy, Facebook.

I do well to consume a decent amount of water before bed, but that isn’t enough to prevent a hangover; it only eases the pain. I started bar crawling at 2pm this past Saturday, and didn’t get home until 2am. At that point I chugged a couple glasses of water with a couple squeezes of this stuff, and the next morning I felt perfectly fine. Unless my liver suddenly turned into a super-processor or my body was packed with salt the day before, there’s no way that should have been the case. I can only attribute the miraculous recovery to Vitamin Squeeze. The taste is decent, especially with a little extra squeeze, but it’s not going to replace any sugary drink like Crystal Light. It’s just flavored water – neither sweet nor potent. It’s more enjoyable than right out of tap though, and for $4 they’ve certainly got my attention.

I haven’t tried it before, but the product also comes in powdered form for you gym junkies. I know how you only like nutrients when they come pulverized. I’d guess it’s probably more convenient if you’re taking on the road too.

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