Little Baby’s Ice Cream commercial will haunt your dreams

by 7 years ago

I rarely eat ice cream, but when I do, I cover myself in it first. And according to this commercial for Little Baby’s Ice Cream, that’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

Little Baby’s is only available in Philly, so thankfully I don’t have to worry about any displays popping up in my local grocery store. I’ll give them credit though because, other than Klondike, I can’t remember any other ice cream commercials. I know they exist, they just obviously aren’t very memorable. I’ll never forge this ad. I may actually throw up the next time I go to eat a deliciously icy treat.

If you happen to be in the Philly area, here’s the list of obscure flavors that they offer.

Birch Beer Vanilla Bean
Cardamom Caramel
Coffee Toffee (made with Blue Bottle coffee)
Earl Grey Sriracha
Bourbon Bourbon Vanilla
Peanut Butter Maple Tarragon
Chipotle Chocolate
Balsamic Banana
Blueberry Ginger (seasonal)
Strawberry Pinkpeppercorn (seasonal)
Red Velvet Spodee Chocolate Swirl
Vanilla Molasses Goldenberg’s Original Dark Peanut Chews
Sour Cherry and Honey
Red Hot Cinnamon
Cantaloupe Creamsicle
Hawaiian Pizza

Little Baby’s Ice Cream [WTC]

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