Little dude gets run over by car, gets right back up in the most unbelivable video ever

by 5 years ago

They must be making Brazilian kids heartier because, in this video, a kid gets literally crushed under a runaway car, only to pop back up like nothing ever happened. Beast Kid Mode.

Painful split second decision making by the grandmother there. 50/50 chance she could have guessed the right way the car was going and she picked the route that put them both right in the line of danger. Just a brutal life choice.

As BroBible points out, initial reports out of Brazil are that the video is completely legit and the kid somehow emerged with only minor injuries. I’m not saying he’s definitely a super hero but there’s a decent chance he’s going to find himself a party to some mind games from a very brittle Samuel L. Jackson in the not too distant future.

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