Little girl pummels fat kid in Muay Thai bout until he cries

by 7 years ago

There is so much about this video that doesn’t make sense but I love it so much. Within, a young girl beats a fat kid in a Muay Thai match until he cries.

Is it appropriate for her to break into a Spice Girls-esque shout of Girl Power while beating the fat kid up or does she have to wait until after the fight is called?

There’s so much weird shit here though. The fat kid clearly can’t even mount any offense…did they train him at all? Or did they just send him in there and tell him to improv? And why is there an arena of cheering people? Also love how the ref won’t stop the fight even as the kid is begging for it. Might as well call the kid “piggy piggy” and twist his nipples to complete the traumatic memory trifecta.

(via BroBible)

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