‘Liz & Dick’ trailer with Lindsay Lohan screaming ‘Wench!’

by 6 years ago

Yes, I am showing you a trailer for a Lifetime movie. Apologies in advance. So the production of Liz & Dick, in which Lindsay Lohan stars as legendary actress Liz Taylor, was notoriously difficult even by Lindsay Lohan standards. Li-Lo was banned from the Chateau Marmont after racking up a $46,000 hotel bill and then claiming the producers would pay for it (they wouldn’t), and also apparently trashed Taylor’s original trailer that was used for filming. Throw in the usual Lohan assortment of car crashes and being hospitalized for “exhaustion” (it’s exhausting taking a lot of drugs) and many wondered if the movie would ever be completed. Well here it is! Liz & Dick will premiere on November 3rd. Do you even know where Lifetime is on your cable box?

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