Magic Johnson wants his assistants to squeeze his red vines

by 8 years ago
Red vines


When Magic Johnson wants his vines squeezed, you squeeze dammit. You squeeze until it hurts. You squeeze until he asks for mercy. Lanita Thomas, 45, claims Magic fired her as his personal flight attendant because she was long in the tooth. She’s suing him as a result in L.A. County Superior Court.

Part of the suit states Magic preferred his red vine licorice fresh and would ask Thomas to “regularly squeeze them.” It goes on to say that Magic was particular about the kind of turkey he ate from delis, specifying two different kinds.

All in all, the suit paints the Hall of Famer as some OCD freak. That, or he just wanted a younger bimbo squeezing his red vines. Preferably a mile high and preferably in the bathroom.

MAGIC JOHNSON SUED ‘He Made Me Squeeze His Red Vines’ [TMZ]

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