Man, ‘Crysis 3’ sure is purdy

by 7 years ago

Crysis 3 is being built up the latest engine from developer Crytek, called the CryEngine 3. Goofy name conventions aside, it looks hella gorgeous.

It’s hard to tell if that last part in the video is a joke or not. Mostly since I don’t understand half of the technical jargon that’s being laid out. I think it’s a safe bet that, in fact, they are no kidding around.

So yeah, Crysis 3 will look pretty when it arrives early next year, at least to some. It’s a safe bet that the upcoming Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will be scaled down instead. Or will it?

As noted in the past, developers have figured a way to really push today, growing long in the tooth consoles). Maybe the Wii U version will have no problems doing everything that you see above? Okay, now that was a joke.

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