Man leisurely eating snacks (Snackman?) breaks up NYC subway fight

by 7 years ago

The Internet has finally found the hero it’s long needed. The hero is being called Snackman after being captured in a video on NYC’s 6 train breaking up a fight while leisurely enjoying some chips. It’s quite a sight to behold.

Snackman’s heroism aside (and really, it’s incredibly difficult to put it aside even for a second), I hate that woman so much. According to the YouTube description, she got up from her seat next to the person filming the video, accused the random dude by the door of following her, then started wailing on him. And then that other lady comes in, trying to make it look like it’s the guy’s fault.

Really, this is why you’ve got to respect Snackman other than his unwavering quest for snacks…he doesn’t take sides. He just snacks away, saving lives and probably loudly crunching on things. Thank you, Snackman. Thank you.