Man moves into home while owner family is away, claims it as his own and won’t give it back

by 7 years ago

One Ohio family went to visit an ill relative. When they came back, they found someone had taken possession of their house. And now he’s fighting to keep what isn’t his.


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The bizarre situation in Springfield, Ohio began when the unidentified family came home and found complete stranger Robert Carr living in their house with all of the locks changed.

When the family tried to get them to leave, Carr said he was able to claim the house through a “quiet title,” a means of claiming an abandoned house when the original owners give up their rights to the property.

The family enlisted police to charge Carr with breaking and entering but he’s fighting the charge under grounds that a court must rule due to the nature of the quiet title claim.

“It’s really been hard,” the homeowner told WLWT. “I feel violated…I never know if somebody’s going to be here.”

It’s not the first time Carr has tried to take over a house; according to public records, Carr has filed similar paperwork on 11 other houses across Ohio.

Despite the obviously idiotic nature of the situation, the homeowner family is still waiting for resolution in court to get Carr out of their lives.

For all of the great things we have in America, things like this really make us all look like dumbasses. If this guy can use antiquated laws to his favor and screw over families, maybe when the court finally finds his claims to be invalid we can use an old school method of punishment for him. Tar and feathering seems like it’d be good times for everyone.

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