Man orders pizza after crashing his car into restaurant

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Apparently that rule extends to a when you’re driving a that car crashes into a Nebraska pizza place.


Flickr/British Mum

According to Lincoln, Neb. police, a man crashed his car into local pizza place Valentinos To Go on Wednesday morning.

The elderly man’s Honda crashed through the door for an unknown reason.

While he was still trapped in his car awaiting rescue by local firefighters, the man asked if he could still order a pizza.

Neither the building nor the man sustained any serious damage, though the man was taken to the hospital. An Associated Press report doesn’t make it clear if he actually got the pizza or not.

Good for this old dude. Either he kept a good sense of humor after endangering the lives of innocent pizza eaters or he kept his eyes so deeply on the prize that he wasn’t going to let anything like embarrassment or thousands of dollars of damage keep him from his bit of bread and cheesy goodness. Give this man some breadsticks, too.