Man shows sense of community spirit by dousing neighbor in pee/crap buckets

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What better way to build rapport with your neighbor than tossing beer bottles and buckets full of a hybrid pee/crap liquid at her? Hard to say.

mystery bucket


Police say Monax Alsaint, 68, began the barrage of neighborly goodwill when his 35-year-old neighbor came outside looking for her boyfriend at 3 a.m. outside her Fort Piece, Fla. home a couple weeks ago.

The woman claims that Alsaint first threw a beer bottle at her that hit her in the back. He then threw another that missed the target.

After the woman called 911 to report the crime, then came the buckets of bodily waste.

The police report says:

“Monax opened the door … and leaned over to grab a bucket with yellow fluid in it. The fluid was later determined to be urine.

“Monax picked up the bucket with both hands and threw the urine mix with feces at (the woman) covering her upper body.”

When officers arrived on the scene, Alsaint threw another bucket of his special fecal cocktail at an officer. Fortunately, the officer was able to dodge the concoction and bring Alsaint into custody.

Police did not comment on why Alsaint was storing the buckets of waste.

There has to be more to the story than the police were able to immediately determine. I’ve had problems with neighbors in the past and it didn’t immediately go to storing up days and weeks of shit and piss to launch at them the moment I see them. You don’t start hoarding your defecation without a cause.

Hell of a weapon, though. I think I’d rather take a bullet in most parts of my body rather than get a bucket of crap and pee splashed in my face. Practically a terrorist act.

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