Man uses a blowtorch to kill spider, burns down house

by 9 years ago

I don’t know much about pest control, but perhaps we can all learn from one Fresno man who attempted to use a blowtorch to deal with his spider problem, with predictable results.

larsjuh, Flickr

The Fresno fire department went on a call Friday for a somewhat-normal fire in a home’s garage. But the reason for the fire was most uncommon.

A Fresno Fire Department spokeswoman says that the fire began when one of the people in the whom saw several black widows in the home. In order to get rid of the spiders, he took a homemade open-flame blowtorch to ignore a fire.

The fire ignited on a combustible material, causing a fire that severely damaged the garage and resulted in the home’s five inhabitants being displaced.

No one was injured by the fire.

Well no one except, I would presume, the spiders. Because if they survived that one, I can’t imagine they’ll be very pleased. This is precisely how low-budget horror movies titled Spider Attack 3D begin.

Spider-hunter sets garage ablaze [Fresno Bee]

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