March Smashedness Finals – Whiskey Shot vs. Seasonal Beer

by 7 years ago

The NCAA tournament is down to the Final Four, but March Smashedness is already in the championship game. After a grueling tournament, two drinks have proved themselves worthy of one shining moment. You’ve only got enough money for one of them though, so we’re going to need a winner. Will it be the Whiskey Shot or the Seasonal Craft Beer.

Whiskey Shot

Efficient – No mixers here, just booze.
Quick – There’s nothing better if you’re playing catch up or need one for the road.
Manly – Nothing proves your masculinity quite like ripping a shot of this burning brown spirit.

Appropriateness – Not exactly reasonable to take shots at dinner.
Fleeting – You can’t casually sip a shot, so you’re left empty handed.
Game Changing – You’ll inevitably become and angry drunk.

The path: Vodka & Soda, Whiskey on the Rocks, Whiskey and Coke, Red Wine, Shot of Whiskey Seasonal Craft Beer?

Seasonal Craft Beer

Versatile – Can be had with lunch, dinner, or drinking games.
Intoxicating – Often have 5%-8% ABV or more.
Longevity – You can stretch a few beers out over several hours.

Filling – These aren’t light drinks and your body has limited capacity.
Pretentious – Depending on surroundings, you may appear to be a beer snob.
Costly – They typically aren’t the cheapest beers on the market.

The path: Malt Liquor, Amber Lager, Pale Ale, Irish Car Bomb, Long Island Iced Tea, Whiskey Shot?

Both the Whiskey Shot and the Seasonal Craft beer have their place in the drinking world, but only one can be considered the best. Vote now below. Polls close on Sunday at 11:59 Eastern.

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