Man wins Powerball by playing numbers from Kansas City Royals players

by 6 years ago
Royals Powerball


The winning numbers for Wednesday’s Powerball lottery happened to match jersey numbers for some famous Kansas City Royals. And now, a Missouri man is $500 million richer.

According to GMA, a Royals fan named Mark Hill will come forward today to claim his prize in the small town of Dearborn, Missouri. Hill works as a deli and meat packer at the town’s Hillshire Brands factory.

The numbers match the following Royals players:

5-George Brett
23-Mark Gubicza
16-Bo Jackson
22-Dennis Leonard
29-Dan Quisenberry
6-Willie Wilson

Not sure why he’d pick some of those guys over Hal McRae, but I digress. If Hill’s truly a diehard Royals fan, well, 25 years of complete and utter despair from the organization is worth a few million dollars right?