Mark Zuckerberg allegedly doesn’t tip in Italy, waiters take to Twitter to complain

by 7 years ago

Mark Zuckerberg married long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan two weeks ago. Like most couples, they took to a nice scenic honeymoon. Unfortunately for the Facebook CEO, he didn’t tip at one restaurant and now has all of Italy judging him.


According to a receipt posted by a waiter at Nonna Betta, Zuckerberg and his new wife ordered 32 euros worth of food, only him to leave no tip.

Italian newspapers did some digging and found that Zuckerberg also didn’t tip at famous restaurant Pierluigi in Rome the previous night.

Nonna Betta’s owner told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that the lack of tipping wasn’t because of poor service or food:

“I asked him ‘how was it?’ and he said ‘very good'”, said the owner, identified only as Umberto. “I had gone up to him and said ‘Are you …?’ and he said ‘Yes’.”

In Zuckerberg’s defense, maybe he did tip only to have the tip depreciate in value immediately after it left his hands. GET IT? STOCK JOKES.

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