Matt Holliday went Cobra Kai on Marco Scutaro

by 7 years ago

Shut up! Stop tiptoeing around the obvious regarding Matt Holliday’s slide. That sh-t was dirty. It originated past the bag and more or less resembled something taught at Cobra Kai.

Here are two different angles.

X-rays were negative for Marco Scutaro but he’s going for an MRI today. The Giants are hopeful Mr. Miyagi can work his magic in the meantime. Holliday, like his evil twin Johnny Lawrence, was apologetic after the game.

“In hindsight, I wish I would have started the slide a little earlier, but it happened so fast,” Holliday said. “I hope he’s OK, he’s a good guy. I was more interested in breaking up the double play.”

Breaking up the double play=breaking a leg.

Spare me the “that’s good, hard baseball” argument. You’re wrong and probably stupid.

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