‘McPixel’ combines adventure games and ‘WarioWare’

by 6 years ago

‘McPixel’ is the new hot thing in indie gaming at the moment, and for good reason. It’s essentially ‘Macgyver’ in video game form. Provided if it was also bite-sized, super pixelated, and had plenty of kicks to the groin.

You’re basically a dude sporting a red shirt plus red hair (the game’s creator, it would seem) and must deal with all sorts of wacky scenarios. The gameplay is tried and tested, point and click adventuring.

One long-standing staple of the genre is how you can take your sweet time, to figure out those brain-bending puzzles. Not here; you have 20 seconds to solve each challenge. If WarioWare was an adventure game, McPixel would be it.

The end result is lots of random clicking around the screen, to see what the hell happens. Which results in plenty of crotch kicking, often or not. I’m assuming that some challenges are solved this way.

There’s a six stage demo available on the game’s homepage; see for yourself if kicks to the nuts will help in these scenarios. And if you like what you’ve played, you can nab the full, containing a 100 levels, on there for the rock bottom price of $10.

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