Meet the chair you can crush to the size of a pizza box

by 6 years ago

Even if you’ve advanced to the point in your life where you’ve bought a couch instead of grabbing one off the side of the road, you can always use more seating. The problem is that it takes up space.

So, here’s a chair you can squish to 5% of its size.

OK, so it’s a little more involved that muscling it:

As you may have noticed, this chair needs to be stuffed into a high heat environment, and slowly unfolds as it gets subjected to high temperatures. But it does at least save space in shipping, and if you have a sauna, you can unfold it.

It’s built with polyurethane shape-memory polymers, which act pretty much the way they sound like. Those are crushed into flat slabs. Then, apply some heat and the shape-memory kicks in.

It’s really just a concept right now, but it has some fairly interesting applications for the future. For example, in theory, it’d be possible to insert a heating element between the slabs, so you can just plug it into the wall, and bam, instant furniture.

Dezeen: Noumenon by Carl de Smet

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