Meet the Scotsman who wants to go 100 mph on a bicycle

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Graeme Obree is the kind of person who eats adversity and craps world records. He broke the world record for furthest distance traveled in a bicycle in one hour, twice, the first time with no sleep because he’d chugged a massive amount of water the night before. He got booted off a bicycle team for refusing to dope.

graeme obree

Photo Credit: Humans Invent

And now he’s building a bicycle to go faster than any human being has under their own power. Ever.

Obree is doing this entirely on his own, which to be fair is something he has a lot of experience with: Both of his world record cycling attempts were done on bikes he designed and built himself.

This one is called “The Beastie” and it’s actually pretty terrifying. Essentially Obree is cramming himself into a tiny plastic tube so compact that as he cycles, his feet will just miss each other. It also uses a push-pull mechanism.

Will Obree pull it off? Excellent question. Regardless of whether he does or not, though, expect to see some of his design start turning up in bikes in the future. The Beastie may not be the fastest, but it’ll be a lot faster than your mountain bike.

Flying Scotsman’s “Beastie” To Be First Vehicle to Hit 100mph Flat? [Gizmag]

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