Finally, you can take the Mensa test on your Android

by 8 years ago

Back in 2010, Mensa, you know, the organization smart people join to get a card to wave in your face about how smart they are every time you get into a political argument, released the Mensa Brain Test for iPhone and iPad. And, helping iPhone owners cultivate an air of smug superiority, the Android version just hasn’t been available.

Mensa Brain Test app


Now, that’s all changed.

OK, that was a little portentous. What’s happened is that apparently Mensa has corralled enough coder nerds to put the application onto the other huge smartphone platform, and now it’s finally available. iPhone-toting hipsters are very, very sad about this development.

The Brain Test is not actually the Mensa admission test, but kind of a pre-test. It’s basically an SAT you take for fun: it’s got word analogies, math questions, spatial reasoning questions, and so on. In theory, if you do well taking the app, you should consider applying to Mensa.

Realistically speaking, though, if you download this app in the first place, you’re probably Mensa material just because you’re paying two bucks to take a math test voluntarily. Either you’re smart or a masochist.

Mensa Brain Test app now available on Android [Ubergizmo]

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