Mercier-Jones hybrid hovercraft vastly more awesome than hybrid cars

by 7 years ago

I bag on electric vehicles and hybrids a lot on this site, but that’s because the styling is awful. Yes, I know they’re not designed to rip down highways at 200 mph but do they have to be so bland and inoffensive? The Prius has all the grace of a pear-shaped 400 pound man bending over to pick up a quarter.

It becomes especially irritating when somebody turns out a hybrid vehicle with style, like the Mercier-Jones hovercraft.

Here’s their pitch video, currently for raising funds on IndieGoGo.

The Mercier-Jones looks like a rich man’s toy, and it kind of is, in the sense that it’s never going to be your primary vehicle unless you live on a sheet of ice. But it’s also dirt-cheap as vehicles go, with an estimated production price of $20,000. That’s cheaper than a Prius, which runs you about $28,000 before tax credits, which still won’t make it as cheap as this hovercraft.

It’s also, as you can see, stylish. That’s really the thing: this thing looks superb. It’s a crime it isn’t already in production. But maybe soon, we’ll be tooling around on these things to work. OK, probably not, but a man can dream.

The Future of Hovercraft [IndieGoGo]

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