‘Metal Gear Solid V’ was unveiled at the 2012 VGAs, kinda

by 7 years ago

So another game that was announced was something called The Phantom Pain. Which many people are guessing is Metal Gear Solid V.

The Phantom Pain is a title that absolutely no one has heard of before, and it’s by Moby Dick Studio, a developer that no one knew existed either. Here’s the first look…

Here’s the deal: there’s a very good chance that the above is actually Meta Gear Solid part five. How so? This NeoGAF thread has all the evidence that’s been piling up. Which includes (warning: if you’re not a hopeless MGS fanboy, the following will make zero sense to you)…

– The lead in the new game looks a lot like Big Boss from the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes trailer (mostly the scar on his face, though the loss of the left arm lends many to believe that its Liquid Snake or even possibly Liquid Snake)

– The soldier in the trailer also look a lot like the ones in Ground Zeroes as well.

“Two Phantoms were born” was the tagline for Ground Zeroes also.

– You have floating figure, a la Pyscho Mantis.

– There’s also another bad guy who shares the same pants as Colonel Volgin.

– The CEO of this totally unheard of developer is a Joakim Mogren. If you switch the letters around of the first name, you get Kojima, the last name of Metal Gear‘s creator.



– At the VGSs, all the representatives of the Moby Dick Studio team, who are supposedly supposed to be Swedes, were all Americans.

– Oh, and they were hanging out at the Konami section, which is the publisher of Metal Gear.

– If you take a good look at the The Phantom Pain logo and fill in the blanks, you get…

… That Kojima, what a cad! Now, as for the rest of you, here’s some fresh footage of Metal Gear Rising that looks pretty damn awesome, as a reward for being so patient…

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