Microsoft figured out a way for you to flip off your web browser

by 6 years ago

The Kinect is a fairly big deal to Microsoft, being as it turned around the Xbox 360, and is popular in living rooms across America. So, like any huge conglomerate, it’s trying to tie it to its other products, like a bunch of nerds paying a popular kid to hang out with them.



Thus, the Kinect and Internet Explorer 9 will meet in an arranged marriage that allows for both gesture and voice control. But what’s really going to make this one is the hacking.

Seriously, can you think of anything that can lead to more ridiculousness on the Internet than finally being able to scream obscenities at your browser and having it do exactly what you want? Or giving it the finger and having it shut down? Or using it to download another browser entirely, which is really what IE is designed to do?

Just wait until somebody creates a hack where you use the voice search to scan the Internet for specific types of porn. Or hacks the camera so if it detects your hands in your bathing suit area to open a webcam somewhere for your friends to laugh at you.

The possibilities for sheer evil are truly endless!

Microsoft to bring Kinect Functionality to IE 9 [The Verge]

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