Microsoft and Sony killed a lot of video game folk at E3

by 6 years ago

As noted in my MS and Sony wrap-ups, much of what they demoed was violent as hell, and was a big turn off for many. To fully articulate how gruesome things were, we have the body counts from both pressers.

Via the The Gameological Society is a pair of breakdowns. First, the Microsoft murder report. They estimate 87 human deaths and 49 non-human deaths, for a grand total of 136 total on-screen deaths estimated…

Next we have Sony’s breakdown. They’re guilty of 50 human deaths and 32 non-human deaths, for a final body count of 82 on-screen deaths…

And for those wondering, there is no body count recap for Nintendo. Since, you know, it’s Nintendo. Though I do believe a few bad guys bite the bullet during that Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition demo since it’s, you know, Batman.

Anyhow, as also noted, I find much of the reaction towards violence this year perplexing and eye-rolling. Look, video games have ALWAYS been violent. Remember Mortal Kombat? You’re also a non-stop killing machine in the original Zelda for the NES, by the way.

This all just sounds like the crap parents and other authority figures like to spout, the “well, now that’s just crossing the line” sentiment. Congrats, you now officially sound like your mom and dad! Anyone, one last related video, entitled “Michael Bay presents: Microsoft & Nintendo E3 2012 highlights”…

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