Microsoft Surface Pro might be your next laptop

by 6 years ago

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Surface when it came along. It was a solidly constructed product, but why would I pay iPad money for an iPad knock-off just because it had a pretty cover that would run me $100 more?



The Surface Pro now flips that question: Why should I pay MacBook Air money for a computer that can’t turn into a tablet?

The Surface Pro starts at $900 for 64 GB and goes to 124 GB if you pay $100 extra. That doesn’t come with the Touch or Type covers… but so what? Those are about $100 more, so you can budget accordingly.

This is where the Surface really shines, because it’s actually a pretty good laptop, but with Windows 8 and a laptop processor in it, it’s a doozy of a tablet. It’s a solid laptop that turns into the most powerful tablet you can buy.

That said, it’s a doozy of a tablet without that many tablet-geared apps just yet; Microsoft is way behind on its app ecosystem. But if you just want the fastest, or are a little sick of Apple, the Surface Pro is a serious competitor.

Surface Pro [Microsoft]

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